End-point Overview #




Headers #

accept: application/json

Authorization: Bearer <your_access_token>

Content-Type: application/json

Request Body #

"userId": 0,
"photo": "string",
"firstName": "FPloVJTbiFnq.nckHgXYYVLjLirsoMzA XNHjyHxnl'DGShJbx",
"lastName": "ZopXfAsJwavB-aDmOVILoWQgKohBcnK-KnWIuhwDVhRm.-aPPg",
"nonLatinFirstName": "string",
"nonLatinLastName": "string",
"merchantGroupId": 0,
"birthDate": "2024-07-08T11:41:40.255Z",
"sourceOfFundId": 0,
"nationalIdNumber": "string",
"residenceAddress": {
"countryId": "string",
"city": "city",
"stateProvinceCounty": "stateProvinceCounty",
"zipCode": "string",
"addressLine": "string"
"correspondenceAddress": {
"countryId": "string",
"city": "city",
"stateProvinceCounty": "stateProvinceCounty",
"zipCode": "string",
"addressLine": "string"
"primaryLanguage": "string",
"secondaryLanguage": "string",
"nationalities": [
"taxResidences": [
"termsAndConditionsAcceptanceDate": "2024-07-08T11:41:40.267Z",
"privacyPolicyAcceptanceDate": "2024-07-08T11:41:40.267Z",
"tariffAcceptanceDate": "2024-07-08T11:41:40.267Z",
"gender": "string",
"enrollChannel": "string",
"cryptoCustomer": true,
"accountPurposeCode": "undefined",
"mainActivityCode": "85TtRxAOIFpq0SJKx",
"financingMethodCode": "financingMethodCode",
"documentsAuthenticatedByThirdParty": true,
"enrollIP": "string",
"enrollLatitude": 89,
"enrollLongitude": 179,
"personalIdentificationNumber": "string"

Make sure to replace “base64 image” with the actual base64 encoded image data if you’re including a photo, and <your_access_token> with your actual access token.

If everything is correct, you should receive a response with a status code of 200 and a body like this:

Responses #

Succsess #

	"correlationId": "35879c35-4404-4f3d-b68e-b10f32e8dffd",
	"individualId": {individualId}

If something is missing or incorrect, you’ll receive a response with a status code of 400 (Bad Request) and an error message explaining what went wrong.

Bad request #

	"errors": {
		"Error": [
	"type": "https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.1 ",
	"title": "Bad Request",
	"status": 400,
	"traceId": "00-7c24d974ae8962f7027f2a86292540c7-c439ef3fdea34217-01"

Snippet #

API Properties
Header parameters
Result of the call

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