End-point Overview #



HTTP Method: GET


accept: application/json

Authorization: Bearer {token}

Example Request #

To make a request to the account purposes endpoint, use the following curl command:

curl -X 'GET' \ 'https://crm-api-test.10npay.com/api/v1/Individual/account-purpose' \ -H 'accept: application/json' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer {token}'

Note: Replace {token} with the actual Bearer token obtained from the /Auth/validate step.

Response: #

Status Code: 200 OK

Response Body: A JSON array of account purposes

Example Response

		"label": "Currency exchange",
		"value": "1"
		"label": "Domestic transfers",
		"value": "2"
		"label": "Money transfers from/to EEA accounts",
		"value": "3"
		"label": "Money transfers from/to accounts outside the EEA",
		"value": "4"
		"label": "Holding/keeping funds",
		"value": "5"

Detailed Steps #

Obtain Bearer Token: Ensure you have a valid Bearer token by authenticating through the /Auth/validate endpoint.

Call Account Purpose Endpoint: Use the curl command provided to fetch the list of account purposes. This list is required for completing the KYC process as it helps identify the intended use of the account.

Parse Response: The response will be a JSON array of objects, each containing a label and a value. This information is used to populate the necessary fields in the KYC questionnaire.

Purpose of Fetching Account Purposes

The account purposes endpoint provides a list of predefined reasons for opening an account. These reasons are part of the mandatory KYC verification process to help financial institutions understand the client’s intended use of the account, thereby aiding in risk assessment and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Snippet #

API Properties
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Result of the call

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