Create Calculation Charge


POST /api/v1/MerchantPayment/{id}/get-money-transfer-charge

id = Merchant Id


  "accountNo": "string",
  "amount": 1,
  "currency": "string",
  "productCode": "string"

Id: Provide a valid Merchant Id

productCode: Can be any item against charge is being calculated. eg, “Transfer Fee”

currency: examples are BNG

amount: Non Zero amount

accountNo: Please provide a valid customer account number.


  "accountNo": "string",
  "accountBalance": 0,
  "accountCurrency": "string",
  "transactionAmount": 0,
  "transactionCurrency": "string",
  "transactionFee": 0,
  "transactionFeeCurrency": "string"

Response Status Codes

  • Status Code 200, If all good
  • Status Code 400 with Error Messages in case of Bad Input
  • Status Code 500 with No Error Message in case of Server Failure

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