Get Transaction by ID

Endpoint #


Method: POST

Description: Retrieve transaction details for a specific transaction ID.

Request Headers

  • accept: text/plain

  • Authorization: Bearer

  • Content-Type: application/json-patch+json

Request Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
transactionId string The ID of the transaction to retrieve

Example Request #

        "transactionId": "TNP0004241630001"

CURL Example

curl -X 'POST' \ '' \ -H 'accept: text/plain' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer {Token}' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' \ -d '{ "transactionId": "TNP0004241630001" }'

Responses #

Success #

  • Status Code: 200

  • Description: Transaction retrieved successfully.

  • Response Body:

        "amount": 0,
        "merchant": "string",
        "timeStamp": "string",
        "senderEmail": "string",
        "receiverEmail": "string",
        "transactionId": "string",
        "transactionFee": 0,
        "feeCurrency": "string",
        "senderName": "string",
        "receiverName": "string",
        "accountNumber": "string",
        "senderBic": "string",
        "receiverBic": "string",
        "senderIban": "string",
        "receiverIban": "string",
        "transactionType": "string",
        "paymentNotes": "string",
        "currency": "string",
        "paymentSystem": "string",
        "transactionCategory": "string",
        "cardNetwork": "string",
        "cardPan": "string",
        "cardAlias": "string",
        "paymentProvider": "string",
        "purposeDet": "string",
        "scaStatus": "string"

Field Type Description
amount number The amount of the transaction
merchant string The merchant involved in the transaction
timeStamp string The timestamp of the transaction
senderEmail string The email of the sender
receiverEmail string The email of the receiver
transactionId string The ID of the transaction
transactionFee number The fee associated with the transaction
feeCurrency string The currency of the fee
senderName string The name of the sender
receiverName string The name of the receiver
accountNumber string The account number associated with the transaction
senderBic string The BIC of the sender
receiverBic string The BIC of the receiver
senderIban string The IBAN of the sender
receiverIban string The IBAN of the receiver
transactionType string The type of the transaction
paymentNotes string Notes regarding the payment
currency string The currency of the transaction
paymentSystem string The payment system used
transactionCategory string The category of the transaction
cardNetwork string The card network used
cardPan string The PAN of the card used
cardAlias string The alias of the card used
paymentProvider string The payment provider involved
purposeDet string The detailed purpose of the transaction
scaStatus string The SCA status of the transaction

Error: Bad Request #

  • Status Code: 400

  • Description: Transaction not found.

  • Response Body:

        "type": "string",
        "title": "string",
        "status": 400,
        "detail": "string",
        "instance": "string"

Field Type Description
type string Type of the error
title string Title of the error
status integer HTTP status code
detail string Detailed error message
instance string Instance identifier of the error
additionalProp1 string Additional property 1
additionalProp2 string Additional property 2
additionalProp3 string Additional property 3

Error: Server Error #

  • Status Code: 500

  • Description: Internal error occurred.


Snippet #

API Properties
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