Money Transfer to 3rd Party IBAN


Post /api/v1/IndividualPayment/{id}/money-transfer-to-3rd-party-iban

Please provide individual Id as {id} parameter

  "sourceCustomerAccount": "string",
  "beneficiaryCustomerAccount": "string",
  "beneficiaryCustomerName": "string",
  "beneficiaryCustomerAddress": "string",
  "transactionAmount": 0,
  "transactionCurrency": "string",
  "paymentNotes": "string"

paymentNotes can be used to provide information for payment

Response Status Codes

  • Status Code 200, If all good
  • Status Code 400 with Error Messages in case of Bad Input
  • Status Code 500 with No Error Message in case of Server Failure

In case of Corporate Customer, Please use the following api calls for Creation of Charge Calculation and Money Transfer

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