Register Individual

The following Api should be called in CRM Service

CRM Dev Instance : (




  "userId": 0,
  "photo": "string",
  "firstName": "string",
  "lastName": "string",
  "latinFirstName": "string",
  "latinLastName": "string",
  "merchantGroupId": 0,
  "birthDate": "2022-08-03T17:07:46.576Z",
  "sourceOfFundId": 0,
  "nationalIdNumber": "string",
  "residenceAddress": {
    "countryId": "string",
    "city": "string",
    "stateProvinceCounty": "string",
    "zipCode": "string",
    "addressLine": "string"
  "correspondenceAddress": {
    "countryId": "string",
    "city": "string",
    "stateProvinceCounty": "string",
    "zipCode": "string",
    "addressLine": "string"
  "primaryLanguage": "string",
  "secondaryLanguage": "string",
  "nationalities": [
  "taxResidences": [
  "termsAndConditionsAcceptanceDate": "2022-08-03T17:07:46.576Z",
  "privacyPolicyAcceptanceDate": "2022-08-03T17:07:46.576Z",
  "tariffAcceptanceDate": "2022-08-03T17:07:46.576Z",
  "gender": "string",
  "enrollChannel": "string",
  "cryptoCustomer": true


Success: Code 201 with User data which includes it's unique Id, Store that for future communication
BadInput : Code 400 with error messages. 
Server Failure: Code 500 with no error message

Additional Explanation

Listing of Document Types can be obtained from GET /api/v1/MerchantDocument/documentTypes

Listing of Source of Funds can be obtained from GET /api/v1/Individual/source-of-funds

Testing Requirements (for QA)

  • Please verify all corner cases for input, User should not be allowed to create data without addresses, contacts or documents.

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