Search Individual Transactions

Endpoint #


Method: POST

Description: Search for transactions associated with a specific individual.

Request Headers

  • accept: text/plain
  • Authorization: Bearer {Token}
  • Content-Type: application/json-patch+json

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
individualId integer The ID of the individual
isRefresh boolean Flag to refresh the transaction data
pageNumber integer The page number to retrieve
pageSize integer The number of records per page

	"individualId": 740,
	"isRefresh": true,
	"pageNumber": 1,
	"pageSize": 10

CURL Example

curl -X 'POST' \ '' \ -H 'accept: text/plain' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer {Token}' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' \ -d '{ "individualId": 740, "isRefresh": true, "pageNumber": 1, "pageSize": 10 }'

Responses #
Success #
  • Status Code: 200
  • Description: Transactions retrieved successfully.
  • Response Schema:

		"walletId": "string",
		"source": "string",
		"transactionType": "string",
		"transactionTimestamp": "2024-07-08T13:38:55.293Z",
		"cbsDate": "2024-07-08T13:38:55.293Z",
		"amount": 0,
		"amountFcy": 0,
		"currency": "string",
		"status": "string",
		"referenceNumber": "string",
		"branchDescription": "string",
		"financialYear": "string",
		"fcModule": "string",
		"fcModuleDescription": "string",
		"transactionCode": "string",
		"valueDate": "string"

Field Type Description
walletId string The wallet ID associated with the transaction
source string The source of the transaction
transactionType string The type of the transaction
transactionTimestamp string The timestamp of the transaction (ISO 8601)
cbsDate string The core banking system date (ISO 8601)
amount number The amount of the transaction
amountFcy number The foreign currency amount
currency string The currency type
status string The status of the transaction
referenceNumber string The reference number of the transaction
branchDescription string The description of the branch
financialYear string The financial year
fcModule string The financial control module
fcModuleDescription string The description of the financial control module
transactionCode string The transaction code
valueDate string The value date of the transaction
Error: Bad Request #
  • Status Code: 400
  • Description: No transactions found.
  • Response Schema:

	"type": "string",
	"title": "string",
	"status": 400,
	"detail": "string",
	"instance": "string"

Field Type Description
type string Type of the error
title string Title of the error
status integer HTTP status code
detail string Detailed error message
instance string Instance identifier of the error
additionalProp1 string Additional property 1
additionalProp2 string Additional property 2
additionalProp3 string Additional property 3
Error: Server Error #
  • Status Code: 500
  • Description: Internal error occurred.
Snippet #
API Properties
Header parameters
Result of the call

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