Transaction details

Transaction details are returned. Passed as path param transaction identifier. It is obtained for each transaction when requesting the list of transactions for a given account.

GET http://[host]:[port]/psd2/v1/accounts/[account-id]/transactions/[transaction-id]


X-Request-ID = [request-id] – required
Consent-ID: [consent-id] – mandatory – carries the ID of the consent
Content-Type: application/json – required
PSU-ID: [user-id] – optional


        "transactionId": "231DCCD181590001",
        "mandateId": null,
        "bookingDate": "08-10-2020",
        "creditorName": "Gergana Petrova",
        "creditorAccount": "BG222222",
        "debtorName": "Petar Petrov",
        "debtorAccount": "BG58SOMB91301000000637",
        "transactionAmount": {
          "currency": "BGN",
          "content": 100

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