Initiate payment

In the body of the request, data about the payment itself is sent:
instructedAmount – amount and currency
debtorAccount – IBAN of the payer
creditorAccount – IBAN of the payee
creditorName – name of the payee
other fields are optional.
A unique ID is created for the payment, and if a payment request is successfully created, links for further operations are returned in the response – payment information (self), payment status (status), authorization operations (authoriseTransaction)

POST http://[ip]:[port]/psd2/v1/payments/bgn-credit-transfers
X-Request-ID: [request-id] – required
Content-Type: application/json – required
PSU-ID: [user-id] – user ID received at login, required


   "paymentType" : {"serviceLevel" : "SS1"},
   "remittanceInformationUnstructured": "ihuahu link"   



  “transactionStatus”: “RCVD”,

  “paymentId”: “526091c1-e4ac-410a-a642-65af191ee8a9”,

  “_links”: {

    “self”: {

      “href”: “/v1/payments/bgn-credit-transfer/526091c1-e4ac-410a-a642-65af191ee8a9”


    “status”: {

      “href”: “/v1/payments/bgn-credit-transfer/526091c1-e4ac-410a-a642-65af191ee8a9/status”


    “authoriseTransaction”: {





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