This Api allows to read Customer Wallet and IBAN’s data.

Endpoint #


Input #

  "customerNumber": "string",
  "phoneNumber": "string",
  "nationalIdNumber": "string",
  "merchant": "string"

Please provide either of the following

  • Customer No
  • Mobile Phone Number and Merchant Name
  • National ID Number and Merchant Name

Response #

  "individualId": 0,
  "merchantId": 0,
  "accounts": [
      "accountDescription": "string",
      "accountOpenDate": "string",
      "accountStatusCreditOvd": "string",
      "accountStatusDebitOvd": "string",
      "accountClass": "string",
      "accountType": "string",
      "address1": "string",
      "address2": "string",
      "address3": "string",
      "address4": "string",
      "branchCode": "string",
      "currency": "string",
      "checkerDateStamp": "string",
      "customerAccountNumber": "string",
      "ibanAccountNumber": "string",
      "currentBalance": 0

Status Codes #

  • Status Code 200, If all good
  • Status Code 400 with Error Messages in case of Bad Input
  • Status Code 500 with No Error Message in case of Server Failure

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